Filipino Vocaloid fans rejoice! There will be a Vocaloid convention next Sunday (May 20, 2012) at the SMX Convention Center.

This is the the place to go if you are really into Vocaloid and probably learn new things about it and also even meet new friends from the Filipino Vocaloid community! As for myself, I'm still sorting out my schedule and travel arrangements so that hopefully I can attend too!

For more information, you can to their website at or to their Facebook page at

Tickets costs 200Php and are available at SM Tickets located at all SM Cinemas in major SM Departnent Stores across the nation
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Oh well, better late than never. It's been over a month since school's out and I kinda forgot my  weebly site (sorry weebly) BUT ANYWAYS, I decided that my blog page will serve as the homepage and with the new Weebly app for iOS (sweet!), I'll be able to at least regularly update both my tumblr and weebly sites 

So that's about it! Time to shift this site into full gear!!!