note: Finally, my first tech-related post!

This has come as a surprise for all Filipino iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac users, The iTunes Store is finally available in Asia and yes, the Philippines is included in this list! (So finally Apple considers our country as part of Asia). And with this announcement, iTunes Match is now also available in the Philippines!

This means that we can now buy music, movies and books from the iTunes Store! I have waited for this moment to come and this was really unexpected for everyone in the Filipino tech community so this is a welcoming move from Apple. I can't wait to check all the new selections later. 
Here's another short post but this time, this ain't a VOCALOID song feature. Found this upon recommendation of a friend and I must say, it is a nice song! More updates soon!

From Wikipedia: "Collide" is the second single from singer/songwriter Howie Day's second full-length album, Stop All the World Now, released in July 2004. The song, written by Howie Day and Kevin Griffin, follows in the vein of works from other pop balladeers like Dave MatthewsJohn Mayer and Duncan Sheik. The London Session Orchestra provided backing instrumentation on the initial album version of the song.
Here's a quick post! MitchieM is one of those producers who is well known for making Vocaloids sound like human and here's a new song from MitchieM which can be viewed above.

It's time once again for a major status update (a status update so big that Twitter, Facebook and probably Tumblr, though you pretty much post anything there but hey, I have my own blog so I think this would be the best place right?)

There's a lot of things to talk about since the last post so we're going to take a deep breath and go through it one-by-one.

Since June 1st, sights at commercial areas here in the province of Albay have changed. What used to be people carrying a lot of plastic bags are now carrying reusable shopping bags or if you were not aware (like me) was carrying paper bags in an awkward way or even worse, carrying a paid item and feel like you just shoplifted because the store didn't have any paper bags.

The move was made by the provincial government as part of its environmental policy (Not to mention my city's own no-smoking and no-littering ordinances). As early as last February, there has been an information campaign and some stores even practicing on certain days.

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Well, I tried my best to show everything I had
Here's an [almost] in-depth look at the contents of my computer ranging from multimedia files to applications and the reason why on earth I'm doing this.

note: I reminded myself once again that i have a weebly site to update.

I woke up this morning with the calendar on my iPad showing that's it's the first day of June and I was like: "Great, vacation's almost over, time to get ready for school". Checking my school's website one more time, I confirm that classes start this coming Wednesday, June 6 but I know that I would going to school on an earlier date because I need to prepare some things before the opening (as club president and all that stuff) but I was already feeling really busy already.