Crypton Future Media, Inc. , the company behind Hatsune Miku the famous virtual diva on the internet, announced updates for some of their voicebanks at a panel at the New York Comic Con and thanks to some live tweets, blogs such as Mikufan.com and Vocaloidism and accounts from people who actually attended the panel on Facebook, We also have the information given to them at the con. Get to know all of it after the break!

I AM BACK! With that cybercrime law suspended for 120 days thanks to the Supreme Court's issuance of a temporary restraining order. Somehow, we, bloggers, can breathe a little easier now knowing that the government would not monitor every single thing we post online for now.

As you know, this blog was among may other blogs and websites who strongly opposed the law and even went dark just to show its opposition. And now that we're back from the darkness.. personally, I have seen the light again to keep updating this especially when I have free time.

For now, enjoy your internet freedom while it lasts! Who knows what will happen after 120 days... dawn finally arrives once again in the Philippine internet landscape! (Oh, and hackers, you may now stop with your DDoS attacks now.. I need the latest update on the weather via PAGASA XD)
Simply put, It's like Martial Law in the Philippine internet landscape! This is the Philippine's own version of SOPA, PIPA, ACTA in several other countries yet it is only here where this will be implemented starting tomorrow, October 3, if the Supreme Court doesn't junk the petitions to stop the law.