It's time once again for a major status update (a status update so big that Twitter, Facebook and probably Tumblr, though you pretty much post anything there but hey, I have my own blog so I think this would be the best place right?)

There's a lot of things to talk about since the last post so we're going to take a deep breath and go through it one-by-one.

First off, It's (finally) the end of the the first week of school! (3 days for me though) and as expected, I have now stacks of schoolwork that needs to be done - both in academics and extra-curricular. As for this blog, well let's just say I'm writing these in-between work and in my spare time (Spare time lasts until I begin on my Investigatory/Mini-Thesis project though.) I'll probably give you more details about my school life soon (new tag coming up!). In the meantime, let's go through some other updates.

Alright, we now move on to what you are seeing right now. That's right! My blog has undergone a redesign to coincide with weebly's launch of new templates and layouts (go weebly!) BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! It's not only my blog that underwent a major redesign but also my YouTube channel was given a new layout and a new background (thus declaring this channel as my Vocaloid/Tech-Vlog/Folio-or-something-of-that-nature YT channel) For short, all things Vocaloid related will uploaded on that channel.

Speaking of redesigns, I haven't really mentioned this but I do have another YouTube channel where my tech show resides and it was on an 'unannounced' 6-month hiatus until I revived it with new information and I'm glad to announce that "agendaTECH" is restyled as "@gendaTECH" and will be on in a few weeks or so. For more information on this Like the facebook page and to be updated.
Le YouTube page with updated info and HATSUNE MIKU background
@gendaTECH's revived Facebook page (cover soon) and needs new likes!
Well, there you have it folks! If time allows, I'll keep my blog alive and update as much as I can and also keep tabs on my school, Vocaloid and tech show projects. Until next time!

P.S. I finished making this at around midnight already but hey, it is still a weekend anyway ummm... today xD I started this on Saturday but I ended up finishing this 

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