note: I reminded myself once again that i have a weebly site to update.

I woke up this morning with the calendar on my iPad showing that's it's the first day of June and I was like: "Great, vacation's almost over, time to get ready for school". Checking my school's website one more time, I confirm that classes start this coming Wednesday, June 6 but I know that I would going to school on an earlier date because I need to prepare some things before the opening (as club president and all that stuff) but I was already feeling really busy already.
I sense something different will be coming this school year. Not only this will be my last year as a high school student but also it will also be a centennial year of my school (exactly one month from now) and what this means is that a lot of preparations for the entire month of June but hey, it will all celebrations by the time we hit July right? Not to mention that weekends will never be the same again since they will be occupied by mostly reviews for college entrance examinations (especially UPCAT which is just months away) and some other school-related stuff that I might encounter and if not, I'll busy with my hobby-related projects. I was already thinking a lot of things this vacation but there were still more left unfulfilled. 

Well, classes will finally begin once again and it's time to face and overcome all the things parents and teachers would probably throw at you. I'll do a round-up of all my summer activities soon since that's probably my schoolmates and teachers would probably ask during the first day.

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