Since June 1st, sights at commercial areas here in the province of Albay have changed. What used to be people carrying a lot of plastic bags are now carrying reusable shopping bags or if you were not aware (like me) was carrying paper bags in an awkward way or even worse, carrying a paid item and feel like you just shoplifted because the store didn't have any paper bags.

The move was made by the provincial government as part of its environmental policy (Not to mention my city's own no-smoking and no-littering ordinances). As early as last February, there has been an information campaign and some stores even practicing on certain days.

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I guess this would be a great policy if only THE GOVERNMENT WILL BE ABLE TO ENFORCE THIS AS WELL THE PUBLIC WILL COOPERATE. There was some acceptance from the public although those words would be put into action but so far, the first few days were not so good when I visited the mall.

Some stores were caught unprepared and weren't able to stock up on paper bags (e.g. a certain local computer store) and just told customers to put in their bags or in their pockets (Luckily for me, I had HUGE pockets in order to fit an ink cartridge).

Of course, the government is telling us to use reusable shopping bags especially those made of recyclable materials (I sense abaca shopping bags coming soon) 

But again, this is a good policy however, it all comes down as to how this will be executed and how successful this would be.

On a side note, I wonder how's the two SM SaveMore stores here... Are they still using 'biodegradable' plastic bags or they got rid of it? Are those really "biodegradable" as they claim it?

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