I'm back!! Alright, this will a combination of a VOCALOID and technology post since I'll be doing an app review at the same time, this app is for the VOCALOID (or Hatsune Miku) fans out there.

Last July 2012, Sega announced the sequel to 'Miku Flick' dubbed as 'Miku Flick/02' and about a month later, here we are and with the release of the said game which has a lot brand new features! Interested? Well, 'read more' about it after the break!

It's been 10 days since Miku Flick/02 was 'unexpectedly' released and luckily, Japan and the rest of the Asian nations, including the Philippines were the first to lay hands on this much-awaited sequel. And as a VOCALOID fan, of course I downloaded the app right away (*note: it's a HUGE app which can take about 1GB of your memory so for those who have 8GB or 16GB models out there, you have been warned!). There were a lot of things to look forward in this version aside from the new songs. Here's a rundown of it below:

Song List and New Features in Miku Flick/02
As you can see, more 'megahits' of Hatsune Miku such as 'Love is War' and 'Two-Faced Lovers' were included and it's no longer limited to Hatsune Miku but this time, it features the rest of the Crypton Future Media, Inc. Vocaloids: Kagamine Rin/Len and Megurine Luka and even KAITO and MEIKO! with their songs such as 'Meltdown', 'Just Be Friends', 'magnet' and many more!(maybe Sega should consider renaming Miku Flick to something else, Project FLICK!? FURIKKU!?) 

If you noticed, we only have 10 songs available unlike in the previous Miku Flick where we got 13 but don't worry, Sega has included downloadable content (DLC) which allows you to get additional songs for a price ($4.99). 

In terms of game mechanics wherein you 'flick' through the Japanese lyrics of a song, it's still pretty much the same but with the addition of 'Extreme' mode (Tap Tap much?) Some of these songs came out a lot more challenging to be cleared (but a lot more enjoyable if you know the song.). Not to mention 'Break the Limit' still exists (does anyone even clear this stage?). There's also an option to share your scores on Twitter but you won't be able to edit your tweet before you send it (hashtag: #mikuflick). Lastly, you'll be able to save those play sessions as 'Replays' wherein you can relive your awesome flicking skills (especially if get an 'S' rank!)

I'm already contented with this version with the introduction of new songs aside form Miku and the DLC but I wish there was a lot more social integration (not only Twitter) as well an online service similar to DIVA.net, or at least make multiplayer available in some time in the future (I hope Sega is not planning a Miku Flick/03 anytime soon!)

Overall, I would recommend this to someone who is really a fan of Hastsune Miku and the rest of the Vocaloids or if you are the one who is looking forward to -Project DIVA- f , the upcoming game in the -Project DIVA- series for the PlayStation, but unsure whether it will be available internationally or if you don't have a PSVita but you have an iPhone, iPod touch or an iPad and have  $10.99 or more to spare (if you would like also get the additional songs) then, 'Miku Flick/02' is already available globally via the iTunes App Store found here: [App store link]

Speaking of the 'replay' feature, here are my gameplay videos of "Miku Flick/02":
Once again, Miku Flick/02 is available worldwide for $10.99* with additional 3-song pack DLCs for $4.99* 

*price may vary in your local app store but take note that here in the Philippines, we use US Dollars as the currency.
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