Avanna's official full body art
EmpathP revealed during the VocaNoIro Producers' Panel at NekoCon in the United States a preview of Zero-G's new celtic Engloid (short for English Vocaloid) Avanna.

A few days later, the official artwork for Avanna was revealed on EmpathP's deviantART account which can be found here, here and here.

No release info as of writing but since the software was already done around the end of October, Avanna's release may just be around the corner. She will only be available as a digital download.

Crypton Future Media, Inc. , the company behind Hatsune Miku the famous virtual diva on the internet, announced updates for some of their voicebanks at a panel at the New York Comic Con and thanks to some live tweets, blogs such as Mikufan.com and Vocaloidism and accounts from people who actually attended the panel on Facebook, We also have the information given to them at the con. Get to know all of it after the break!

I AM BACK! With that cybercrime law suspended for 120 days thanks to the Supreme Court's issuance of a temporary restraining order. Somehow, we, bloggers, can breathe a little easier now knowing that the government would not monitor every single thing we post online for now.

As you know, this blog was among may other blogs and websites who strongly opposed the law and even went dark just to show its opposition. And now that we're back from the darkness.. personally, I have seen the light again to keep updating this especially when I have free time.

For now, enjoy your internet freedom while it lasts! Who knows what will happen after 120 days... dawn finally arrives once again in the Philippine internet landscape! (Oh, and hackers, you may now stop with your DDoS attacks now.. I need the latest update on the weather via PAGASA XD)
Simply put, It's like Martial Law in the Philippine internet landscape! This is the Philippine's own version of SOPA, PIPA, ACTA in several other countries yet it is only here where this will be implemented starting tomorrow, October 3, if the Supreme Court doesn't junk the petitions to stop the law.

Most of us have already seen Apple's newest iPhone that was unveiled just a few days ago. Here are my first impressions on it and some other things from the announcement event. 

My collage for Miku. Pictures from 'Music Girl 初音ミク'
As we end the month of August, Vocaloid fans surely know that on the last day of that month is the anniversary of when Hatsune Miku was made known by Crypton Future Media, Inc.

This would be the most celebrated among all other Vocaloids since she was after all, the one who made them popular and became an internet sensation in Japan and then the whole world.

This is my first celebration since I've only been a fan for less than a year but Hatsune Miku and the rest of the Vocaloids gave me new insights in the music industry and I really admire all the works (be it the songs, the music, the artworks and PVs, even poems, lyrics and fanfics!) made in the fandom (even though the fandom can be very stupid at times especially our own Filipino fandom).

I thank Miku for all the wonderful songs she has performed and to all the people who make it possible! Congrats! and Happy Birthday!!

Click 'Read More' to check out some music videos!

I'm back!! Alright, this will a combination of a VOCALOID and technology post since I'll be doing an app review at the same time, this app is for the VOCALOID (or Hatsune Miku) fans out there.

Last July 2012, Sega announced the sequel to 'Miku Flick' dubbed as 'Miku Flick/02' and about a month later, here we are and with the release of the said game which has a lot brand new features! Interested? Well, 'read more' about it after the break!

le test permit.. still need to sign and write my date of birth
Just reading the title, you'll probably know the reason why I've been a little inactive online lately (especially here). Yes as a graduating high school student, I have to get ready for college and since I'm considering going to the University of the Philippines, then I have to take the UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admission Test) which is done today and tommorow. I'll be taking it tomorrow afternoon so wish me luck!
Alrighty! Got again some free time. Well actually, aside from my school's centennial celebration last July 1st (Happy 100 years SAA!), there's nothing much to talk about these past few weeks until recently, a very sad turn of events in the Philippine entertainment industry. I am talking about no other than the passing of the King of Comedy, Dolphy.

As a young child in the past, I was able to reach the time of the popular sitcom 'Home Along D Riles' and let me tell you, it was one of those shows that I curoiusly watch with enjoyment because of the comic relief it brings. Well, laughter is the best medicine after all.

When we Filipinos think of comedy, it is very likely that Dolphy would be one of the personalities that would always come to mind. Indeed, from his humble beginnings as a mere peanut vendor in cinemas to become one of the most respected entertainers in the industry, Dolphy is well deserving of the recognitions that was given to him.

I would like to extend my respects to the Quizon family for the loss. May God bless your family and may eternal rest grant unto Dolphy and may God's perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace.

With his passing, he will be missed by millions, especially those who have worked with him, those who had encounters with him and to those who would always tune in to his shows and go watch his movies. It was said, Dolphy may be gone but comedy lives on. So I say, thank you Dolphy!


note: As much as I wanted this to be posted immediately after the news came out, Electrical problems and no other access to reliable internet access are making it impossible. I actually typed this during a power failure.

note: Finally, my first tech-related post!

This has come as a surprise for all Filipino iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac users, The iTunes Store is finally available in Asia and yes, the Philippines is included in this list! (So finally Apple considers our country as part of Asia). And with this announcement, iTunes Match is now also available in the Philippines!

This means that we can now buy music, movies and books from the iTunes Store! I have waited for this moment to come and this was really unexpected for everyone in the Filipino tech community so this is a welcoming move from Apple. I can't wait to check all the new selections later.