Well, I tried my best to show everything I had
Here's an [almost] in-depth look at the contents of my computer ranging from multimedia files to applications and the reason why on earth I'm doing this.
120 GB external + 320 GB internal = 440 GB total
I was over at VocaloidPilipinas group last night and came across this post about one's contents of one's computer. The post really revealed about a lot of things and as for myself, I also shared what I had - through text though. Sure enough, like a  politician being asked to sign one's waiver in order to let them view my bank accounts, They wanted me to show them a picture of my files also. Well, as you can see already, here it is in this post! And like a politician, I would like to say: "I have nothing to hide!". Heck, I'll even throw in my 120 GB my-former-laptop's-HDD-now-external HDD that I didn't mention in the comments

Alright, I'll give a rundown of what I have. First off, my "Lucky Star" anime videos. Unfortunately, that's not all of the episodes yet since I have to finish ripping them from the DVD (yes, those came from the DVD). 

Another anime that I have is "Chobits" - one my childhood anime - only that after watching them again I just realized how explicit some of the scenes are that it would be rated SPG by the MTRCB *ohgodwhy*. On a side note, enjoying the anime so much, I also checked out the manga - this time I'm old enough to read it 

Anyways next up, my Vocaloid songs. Now I know 4.85 GB may seem small but that's not all of it. I have some others in some other places (e.g. flash drives, cloud storage, CDs) and yes, I'm still in the process of expanding my Vocaloid song collection. Some of them might be even in the 7.67 GB Music folder

We now move on to my applications. On my Mac, I have 28.99 GB worth of mac apps; some of them shown on the picture above. If you saw the "VirtualBox" icon, that's where my Windows Vista Starter folder comes in as that's my Windows OS installation inside my Mac wherein it contains 20.23 GB from the 'virtual' C:/ drive plus 26.11 GB of PC apps and games from my external HDD and probably some of them part of the 138.07 GB 'Other' files in my internal HDD. 

You probably also saw all the games I have; I am a Starcraft Brood War and Wings of Liberty player and sometimes a DOTA player (I think the last time I played DOTA was when it was v6.60). I also play Mincraft but sometimes it really gets boring.

As for the UTAU icon, I'm still working on porting it to the Mac (besides the fact that there is already a Mac version). Made possible by PlayOnMac, I just need to tweak some settings in order to make it work. If not, there's always VirtualBox as a fallback solution so that I can already return my mother's Windows/Linux netbook.

Finally, my 8.44 GB 'Recorded TV' folder are well recordings of my TV last 2010 via my now-broken CD-R KING TV Tuner (you'll probably know the reason why it's now broken). Most of the are just special documentaries from the History channel and CI and news coverage of the New Year's celebration.

If you were looking for more explicit stuff on my computer (*ahem* ero stuff). Well, let's just say I prefer those things away from my storage and I only save bookmarks of it or 'Web Archive' it via Safari. I'm running out of storage anyways so I leave those stuff in the cloud.

Having said that, that almost all of the stuff I have on my computer. The rest are just archives (completed school projects, stock footage, stock music, stock photos, camera pics and vids etc.)

Well, I'll end this post with a...
RANDOM VIDEO: For some reason, this video is what I had in my mind while I was making this post; kinda related in some way does it?

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