My collage for Miku. Pictures from 'Music Girl 初音ミク'
As we end the month of August, Vocaloid fans surely know that on the last day of that month is the anniversary of when Hatsune Miku was made known by Crypton Future Media, Inc.

This would be the most celebrated among all other Vocaloids since she was after all, the one who made them popular and became an internet sensation in Japan and then the whole world.

This is my first celebration since I've only been a fan for less than a year but Hatsune Miku and the rest of the Vocaloids gave me new insights in the music industry and I really admire all the works (be it the songs, the music, the artworks and PVs, even poems, lyrics and fanfics!) made in the fandom (even though the fandom can be very stupid at times especially our own Filipino fandom).

I thank Miku for all the wonderful songs she has performed and to all the people who make it possible! Congrats! and Happy Birthday!!

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Here are some music videos made for 初音ミク on her 5th birthday!
'Birthday Song for ミク' by Mitchie M, English/Japanese/Filipino Subtitled video by hoshifura
'39' by sasakure.UK and DECO*27

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