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This is where the randomness began.
The randomness continues.
NHK World is an English-language, Japan-based TV station that caters to an international audience. In the October 17th episode of one of their programs named 'BEGIN Japanology', they've talked about character and mascots in Japan. The following is the episode's description from the NHK World website
Japan has every kind of character and mascot you can imagine. It's said that over 80% of Japanese people own some sort of character or mascot-related merchandise. An affinity for images of this kind has been around in Japan for centuries, and with the 21st century has come a new breed of character: a "virtual idol" that gives live concerts. 
On this edition of BEGIN Japanology, our theme is characters and mascots. Loved all over Japan, they offer deep insights into the country's culture.
Obviously a Vocaloid fan would guess that the "virtual idol" here would refer to Hatsune Miku who is after all considered as a character for her Vocaloid software developed by Crypton Future Media. You can view the whole episode above and the Miku segment begins at around 20:10 in the video.
Thoughts and Analysis
Like most media outlets that have featured Miku and Vocaloid in general, it first shows the character and then a short demo of the program which shows how easy it is to use. It then goes to show off the concerts.

What's a little different from the rest though was that it later focused on Isao Tomita's plan to feature Miku in his latest symphony. Therefore, unlike Miku's previous public performances where the tempo was already pre-determined and the background band members are the ones who would adjust to her. In an orchestra, the tempo depends on the conductor wherein all members, including Miku, have to adjust which proved to be a challenge. I didn't know that during the Isao Tomita performance, some one was actually controlling when would Miku sing the next part.

That was some new insight with regards to Vocaloid public performance and I'm glad Vocaloid continues to get media attention. It's a known fact that Miku is still in the forefront when it comes to Vocaloid popularity but I do hope the other Vocaloids would have the spotlight on them as well.

It worth noting that an overseas Vocaloid fan, Johnny Harbort, who is also the head writer for was reached via email for an interview but according to him, none of it was featured. He was still regardless, seen briefly in the episode as one of the audience in the Mikunopolis Los Angeles concert.
KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. Often times new Vocaloid fans tend to refer every character they see in Vocaloid-related content as a Vocaloid. (From 'We hate Hatsune Miku fan-brats' Facebook Page)
rmL's note: Initially, I never really intended to make a 'part two' of 'Vocaloid 101' but since there was more to share about introducing Vocaloid to new fans, it was kinda necessary to make another one. Also, I got inspired by the picture above so here's the outcome.

If you have read my previous write-up, which you can do so here, I've discussed what Vocaloid actually is and how original content made with Vocaloid eventually gets fan-made content based on that. Now, pictured above are four terms: Vocaloid, Fanloid, Utauloid and Utaite. Two of them, namely Vocaloid (obviously) and Utauloid I've already mentioned and discussed while the other two I didn't explicitly mention but I did describe them in the previous article. So, what I'm going to do today is to make a follow-up on that right now. Read more after the break.

Vocaloid has been around for quite some time already yet only a handful of people know exactly what it is and how it started out. Read on to know more about Vocaloid.

Anime Alliance Philippines together with HERO TV, The Provincial Government of Albay headed by Governor Joey Sarte Salceda, The Otaku Bloodline Guild and Pacific Mall Legazpi presents the Southern Luzon screening of the national qualifiers of the World Cosplay Summit Philippines to be held on Sunday, June 2, 2013 at The Atrium, Pacific Mall Legazpi at 1PM.

For those interested to join (forewarning: you must be 18+ to join and must cosplay someone of Japanese origin, strict prop policies apply, individual cosplay only), you may check out the World Cosplay Summit Philippines website. 30 slots are available for this screening.

Be sure to follow Anime Alliance and The Otaku Bloodline Guild for updates.
"Mayon emitted what looks like a mushroom cloud. I immediately called Rene Solidum but he has yet to verify with Ed Laguerta since there were no prior major movements in key indicators (EQs, etc). The mushroom can still be seen."

- Albay Governor Joey Sarte Salceda (His first Facebook post regarding the incident at exactly 8:12am)
Without any prior warning, Mt. Mayon, an active volcano located in the Albay province in the Philippines, violently spewed out ash and steam which resulted to the death and injury of tourists and tour guides who were trekking the said volcano and were caught off guard when the incident happened.

Pacific Mall is a very popular shopping place in Legazpi often called by the locals as 'Gaisano' referring to the Metro Gaisano Department Store and Supermarket adjacent to it. The mall is the centerpiece of a commercial area in the city known as Landco Business Park. 

I got a call today to pick up my personalized Globe GCASH card at the LBC "Pacific Mall, Landco Business Park" branch only to find out when I get there it was in fact in a Pacific Mall branch but not in Legazpi..

VOCALOID booth at CES 2013 (from Facebook)
The 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show

When it comes to the coolest new stuff in technology such as gadgets, software, accessories, appliances, etc. The International Consumer Electronics Show or simply CES is one event a techie such as myself should not miss. 

Most of the tech press were bashing CES and saying they were no longer attending because of the large crowds or because of the absence of the big companies or they don't have much cool stuff to show. TWiT didn't even do shows from the CES venue, the Las Vegas Convention Center, as they did last year. So I was on Revision3, The Verge, and other tech media outlets this time for the latest CES coverage. To be fair though, TWiT still did CES coverage although they were a little delayed. 

But those people saying they're not attending for those reasons, mostly not so young people who attended CES in their days, are missing the point. CES now is no longer about the big companies and their products, they're on their own now. It's all about the smaller companies and the new and innovative stuff that we see there. It's actually the reason why there are so many people at CES.

VOCALOID is one such example. 

"We were impressed at the number of visitors to our booth and the great interest in our technologies." - Yamaha on VOCALOID CES booth turnout (Facebook)

GUMI is also set to have an English VB and we now have demos! The one above by neutrinoP was released with permission from Internet Co. Ltd.
Here's the first one which was also made by neutrinoP:
And that's how you make an English VB demo, Take that, Crypton! 
Update: December 15, 2012: At the conclusion of the ITU meeting in Dubai on Friday, 89 countries signed the treaty, while 55 countries said they would not sign or that additional review was needed. We stand with the countries who refused to sign, and with the millions of you who have voiced your support for a free and open web. 
A free and open world depends on a free and open Internet. Governments alone, working behind closed doors, should not direct its future. The billions of people around the globe who use the Internet should have a voice.
Keep the Internet free and open!
The internet is the only the place remaining where people express themselves freely and connect to thousands if not, millions of people around the world.

Unfortunately, governments around the world want more regulation and even worse, CENSORSHIP OF THE INTERNET. What's worse, these governments are meeting on it behind closed doors which means the future of the free and open internet as we know it is uncertain.

You might recall here in the Philippines, this was attempted by means of the Cyber Crime Prevention Act wherein at first, it might sound good but wait 'til you hear the provision on libel. Libel, really? While I want people who put down other people through their spread of misinformation sanctioned, libel is not the way to do it and there are better and dated ways to do it. Libel is quite impractical in internet sense.

Yes, the open internet is at threat again and we, the people who depend on it should air out our voice to keep it FREE AND OPEN. You can go to or to to add your voice!