Crypton Future Media, Inc. , the company behind Hatsune Miku the famous virtual diva on the internet, announced updates for some of their voicebanks at a panel at the New York Comic Con and thanks to some live tweets, blogs such as Mikufan.com and Vocaloidism and accounts from people who actually attended the panel on Facebook, We also have the information given to them at the con. Get to know all of it after the break!

We start off with the V3 update for KAITO. There are three new and updated voice for him namely, a regular V3 voicebank, a Whisper voicebank and an English voicebank. Here are the demos shown at the con:
Note that the English demo was high-pitch, which dismayed some of those who wanted to hear a more manly voice. Anyways, it's planned for release by the end of the year or early next year.

We now move on to the English Vocebank update of Hatsune Miku! Again, here's the demo shown:
Some were disappointed with the demo while others say it was pretty decent for a 'beta' or voicebank-in-development. Crypton hopes for a Spring 2012 release.

As for the other voicebanks, Crypton says that working on these two alone requires a lot of time and effort but they're planning updates for all of their current voicebanks. Also, they are not planning on making new voicebanks so no 'CV04' at this point.

With that said, other updates from Crypton include a new Miku dance model and we have conflicting reports though that it's either through MMD or a new software but I'll update it as soon as we have everything straightened out. Also, no concert plans in the US at the moment.

And that's all from Crypton's panel at NY Comic-Con! There's still a lot more Vocaloid-related stuff happening there like Good Smile Company's booth but we'll wait until all the reports are out from that event.

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