Most of us have already seen Apple's newest iPhone that was unveiled just a few days ago. Here are my first impressions on it and some other things from the announcement event. 

The new iPhone 5
For those of you who follow the tech blogs like me, we all know that Apple was working on the new iPhone and finally last Wednesday (or early Thursday locally), Apple finally announced the latest iteration of the iPhone dubbed as the 'iPhone 5' 

Even before the event, those of us monitoring the rumor mill already knew what's in store in the next iPhone. Among these was the new design, new 9-pin connector and the larger screen. Sure enough, most of the rumors were confirmed true when Apple officially unveiled the phone's features and tech specs. Makes me wonder how did the rumor mill got those information. I'm probably guessing from the Chinese manufacturers or something even more shady.

My only reaction about the new iPhone announcement: "Meh." That's probably because there's no longer much excitement and suspense about it unlike Apple's previous keynote announcements. There was pretty much no "wow" factor in that announcement event, However, I did go "YAY!" when they announced updates to iTunes (especially the new UI and 'Up Next' feature) as well as their new iPod lineup (YAYNEWiTOUCH! /slapped). Okay, back to the iPhone.

While so far I have stated somewhat negative things already about the new iPhone, it's not all bad at all. In fact, everything is improved in this device compared to the previous iPhone 4S. Contrary to many who have seen the iPhone 5 saying that only the screen was changed (and I cringe every time someone says that). The new iPhone has several significant improvements from the inside out from the hardware and software (iOS 6!). To those people saying that only the screen size was changed, CHECK AND COMPARE THE SPECS BEFORE SAYING SO SHEESH! Basically, the design, cameras, screen, speakers, antenna, microphones, battery, processor, networking and several others have been improved and updated to the the latest standards (LTE networking - coming soon in the Philippines but not anytime this year)

I believe it was time for Apple to let go of the 30-pin connector in favor of their 9-pin 'Lightning' connector since most of things we do with our devices are now wireless. However, I wished that they would at least make the adapter available along with the new iPhone. On the battery, let's just see if there will be no issues this time. I just think that they could have used the extra space vacated by the replacement of old components to have a bigger battery rather than making the phone thinner. 

Bottom line, The iPhone 5 is indeed the next best thing since the iPhone (unless if you prefer Android then the Samsung Galaxy S3 gets that title. - but I'll let you decide on that! )

I'll be also posting my thoughts on the new iPods soon.

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