Pacific Mall is a very popular shopping place in Legazpi often called by the locals as 'Gaisano' referring to the Metro Gaisano Department Store and Supermarket adjacent to it. The mall is the centerpiece of a commercial area in the city known as Landco Business Park. 

I got a call today to pick up my personalized Globe GCASH card at the LBC "Pacific Mall, Landco Business Park" branch only to find out when I get there it was in fact in a Pacific Mall branch but not in Legazpi..

... it was in Lucena. I requested them to transfer it but the clerk there at LBC told me it was Globe's responsibility to do so, not them. So, I went to Globe which was a floor lower in the said mall and they tell me that LBC should be the one to transfer it so I went back to LBC but they argue that they cannot authorize it. 

Getting tired of going back and forth and listening to explanations that will not progress into solving my concern, I instead called up the number that called me about my card and sure enough, someone answered and I explained to them my problem and they were sorry for the inconvenience and will contact LBC to pull it out of Lucena and re-send it to the proper LBC branch.

Lessons learned?

There's also a Pacific Mall and a Landco Business Park in Lucena - and a LBC branch in that mall as well.  

The next time when I'm asked to pick up something from a LBC Branch, I'll emphasize LEGAZPI when referring to the Pacific Mall branch. Otherwise, I'll just mention another LBC branch in the city. Legazpi is relatively small anyways and Pacific Mall happens to be the one closest to me.

UPDATE (4/29/13): Just received a call from Globe yet again. Apparently, they forgot about it and I had to repeat what I just told them 3 days ago. Well, at least, it was the same person and he remembered! Look, I don't care how long it takes just have it at the right mall the next time! I have a record there with Globe (complete with home address) in the first place, does it make common sense that I was referring to Pacific Mall Legazpi!? Geez..
This the Pacific Mall I'm referring to...
... and this the Pacific Mall it ended up
Finally here!
UPDATE (5/2/2013): After a month since I registered, the card finally arrived! Although Globe said it would take another week to redirect the package to Legazpi, I was informed today (three days since our last conversation) that the card was now available for pick up at the right LBC branch. Gladly, There was no additional payment to be made because of the misunderstanding in the address. I was glad my issue was resolved. Another good customer service experience!

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